A little bit about Shropshire Aesthetics

As a registered nurse, I work safely and ethically and will only recommend treatments that are safe and suitable for you. Helen is trained with Skinviva Training. Skinviva Training is a specialist, professionally-led clinical training company based in Manchester for registered medical professionals.

Why choose us?

1. We only use injectable products that are FDA approved with a high safety record.
2. The product will be dispensed from the original packaging during your treatment in your presence.
3. Our price for line and wrinkle treatment includes a free two week follow up (if required).
4. Aftercare is available out of hours.
5. We have strict protocols to manage complications and urgent complications.
6. We are registered with a professional body Nursing Midwifery Council and are fully insured.
7. We are constantly working toward a higher standard of training and are committed to delivering the best treatments and standard of care.

Meet Helen

Helen Oldacre

My name is Helen and I am a Registered Nurse. I graduated from Staffordshire University in 2006. My background is Community nursing, however I also have an extensive medical experience.

I am passionate about skin health and skin care. I decided to develop my skills set and train myself further in this subject by pursuing my career as an aesthetic nurse. I continuously educate further and update my knowledge to provide the best quality service to my patients.

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My goals

• Prioritise patient safety
• Treat patients ethically and within my scope of practice
• To achieve a natural appearance and leave my patients feeling refreshed, confident and enhanced

I use high quality, certified products purchased from trusted sources pharmacies. ​I am registered with Nursing and Midwifery Council and fully insured with Hamilton Fraser. I am a member of BACN (British Association of Cosmetic Nurses), NMC (Nursing Midwifery Council) and ACE Group (The Aesthetic Complications Expert Group).